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Dog Scent Training: Scent work and Engagement

Lead Instructor Samantha Nevett, Scentwork UK Trainer, ACPO Instructor

When a dog uses its nose, it uses its brain! Work with your dog to find different scents hidden away in objects or clothing, and learn to read and trust your dogs body language when they know they are right. Contact us to discuss dog scent training in the Chester area.

Engagement is learning how to interact with your dog in order to bring the best out of them.

This involves both games and focus exercises, and can help with getting your dog to listen.

  • Police qualified Instructor 
  • Small groups
  • 6 week progressive course
  • 2 hour classes 

Super nose and mind exhausting training for any age or breed of dog, teaching them to area search for certain scents and learn to indicate. Give it a go you will love it!!!

Dog Scent Training
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