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Dog Obedience Classes

Lead Instructor Emma Salvoni BSc.( Hons) Animal Studies, Diploma Canine Behaviour and Psychology

Our Dog Obedience Classes offer a range of dog training in the Chester area. From Puppy Class to Advanced Obedience, our Practical Dog Ownership courses cover every aspect of training, ownership and responsibilities. We keep class numbers low to ensure you get plenty of help and advice, and incorporate play training into all our levels to build a strong bond between dog and handler.

K9 Bootcamp

Does your K9 companion lack boundaries, exercise and motivation? Find yourself making excuses for bad behaviour? Are you avoiding normal situations like being around dogs, people or being off lead?Struggling to find the time to train as often as you need? Well shine your shoes and stand by your beds, it’s time for ACTION! Boot Camp is a training top up service whilst you are at work, out, or stuck at home with the kids, to go alongside your usual training routine.


Advanced Obedience and Working Trials

With Emma competing in Working Trials, we are able to combine obedience, agility and scent-work training to cover all aspects of this discipline. Mike’s advanced obedience groups, whether looking to compete or not, always enjoy the variation and amount of training exercises that this type of training allows.

There is never a boring session or time for dogs to lose motivation!Whether you want a dog for serious work or competition, or you have a pet dog that needs extra stimulation, we can put our knowledge and experience of lots of disciplines of training (including sheepdogs!) to good use and find the right one for you!

Dog Obedience Classes
Puppy Training School
Obedience and Working Trials